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Benchmark Pacific

For more than thirty years Benchmark Pacific has been active in the land development business. The company’s efforts have established numerous projects which continue to set a high standard for “livable” communities.

The company operates with three fundamental goals throughout their planning process. To develop;

  • Planned communities which are very acceptable to and compatible with the area in which they are located.
  • Planned communities which are very market acceptable.
  • Planned communities which will remain an asset to the area in which they are located in the future.

The Benchmark Pacific team identifies and acquires undeveloped properties with the needed location, size and topography which, with creative design, will be attractive and survive varied economic times as a positive contribution.


As a land development firm Benchmark Pacific’s primary focus is to create viable land parcels by enabling them to meet their financial and aesthetic potential and create sustainable communities. Designing planning solutions that are practical for all parties; developer, investors, city entities and neighbors are key to their history of successful communities.


By participating as owners, partners with financial interests, project managers and consultants on land entitlement opportunities, Benchmark Pacific is engaged instructuring significant real estate developments to exceed their original expectations.

Known for initiating innovative planning concepts, they are recognized for their expertise in building communities through collaborative community planning. By finding common ground between public agencies and neighborhood interests, sustainable community experiences are created. Their achievements in integrated planning solutions are demonstrated in the mature communities within their portfolio.


Not dependent on a single principal, Benchmark Pacific’s success is reflected in their team of working partners that all share the same philosophies on maintaining a superior quality of life, enhancing the communities they work within and maximizing the financial success of the projects in which they are involved.