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Poinsettia Shores

Poinsettia Shores
Poinsettia Shores are a collection of neighborhoods with varying product types and land uses. Its’ fundamental connection of these different uses is the location of the North San Diego County Poinsettia “Coaster” rail station within the property.
Poinsettia Station
Benchmark Pacific worked with the North County Transit District to locate the Poinsettia Coaster Station within the property. It’s inclusion became the backbone of a transit oriented community.
Carlsbad Poinsettia Coaster Station
By participating as owners, partners with financial interests, project managers and consultants on land entitlement opportunities, Benchmark Pacific is engaged instructuring significant real estate developments to exceed their original expectations.
BluWater Crossing
BluWater Crossing is a mixed use community. The first floor is office and retail. The second and third floors are residential. The community is designed for easy walking access to the Coaster Station
Hanover Beach Colony
Hanover includes a number of new design elements for the City of Carlsbad. The streets are considerably narrower with parking on one side only. Planted areas exist into the narrow streets to further soften impact of the street. A “zero-lot line” technique is used in laying out the houses. While the property fronts on Highway 101 and is across from Carlsbad State Park on the beach it contains a number of access points to the beach through open space lots.
Waters End
Waters End is a small lot single family community. Streets are narrow, including walkways making the neighborhood transit oriented and accessible. The community is gate guarded and includes many open space areas. The “cottage” architectural style creates a feeling of a beachfront village.
Poinsettia Cove
Poinsettia Cove fronts on Highway 101 and is across from Carlsbad State Park. It too has excellent access to the beach area. The community has foot paths which lead to these accesses. In addition, the community has foot access to the Coaster Station. The lots are larger than the balance of the master planned community to create a strong product mix. As with the other communities, very strong architectural controls maintain a specific character and color of the homes